Narcissus Angst

Daffodils ©2013

Daffodils ©2013

In the first of my gardening articles I want to address the single most frustrating and annoying subject I come across with clients: Daffodils – when do you cut them back?

The gardener who likes to go by the book and thinks he or she has some divine wisdom on the subject will tell you to leave them until they have rotted into a ugly brown mess before you cut them back in order to provide the bulbs with enough energy for the next year. Continue reading

England panics as snow falls

The annual panic over snowfall has began. Advice on driving in the snow and ice abundant. The media whipping up a frenzy, disaster looming! But it’s OK if you want it to be. Snow doesn’t settle here for long, enjoy it, if your worried about driving to work, work from home if you can. spend some time with your kids. Buy some winter tires and just accept the situation for what it is. Don’t let the media scare you…